Brief overview

Environmental education campaign on waste and recycling

Campaign manager: Isabelle Blum, Switzerland
Cooperation partners: Kali Ma, Quasan Shrestha, Dolalghat; Social Club Dolalghat, Nepal
Campaign content: Environmental education and workshops on littering, waste management and clean environment
Target group: local population (adults, children) and Social Club in Dolalghat, Nepal
Period: 14 days, March 2014
Place: Dolalghat, Nepal

Summary PDF: Sapha Dolalghat – Clean Dolalghat
Campaign for a social and organized disposal in Dolalghat, Nepal

Booklet PDF: Campaign Clean Dolalghat, Nepal


In 2011 I did the Annapurna Circuit Trek with a friend, a very popular 3-week round trip in the heart of the Himalayas. I was enchanted by the beautiful landscapes, the warm people and the magic Himalaya. But the garbage lying around everywhere made me think. As an educated environmental scientist this situation grabbed me. I wanted to do something and pass on my knowledge about environmental protection and waste management.

Through internet research I came across the Kali Ma Foundation Nepal e.V. in Dolalghat, Nepal. Kali Ma, the founder, had already taken first steps in the field of waste disposal. The first visit followed in spring 2013. Kali Ma, her colleague Quasan Shrestha and I decided quite quickly to do something about littering in Dolalghat. One year later we started our campaign Saphaa Dolalghat – Clean Dolalghat.

Kampagne Saphaa Dolalghat Abfallsituation


In March 2014 I conducted the environmental education campaign Saphaa Dolalghat – Clean Dolalghat in Nepal for two weeks in cooperation with Kali Ma, Quasan Shrestha and the local Social Club.




The campaign was funded by private sponsors and the Kali Ma Foundation.

Many thanks to all who supported the campaign.